A Complete Currency Guide To Apex Legends- Mobile Game!

Lots of battle Royale games are out there by the game industry, and Apex Legends is one of them getting fame all over the world. You are going to experience a new kind of Battle Royale game with hundreds of exciting features, 3D graphics, and so on.  Tons of exciting missions, challenges, game modes are available, which you need to complete for going ahead. Players can easily play the game on Android and IOS devices for free. Yes, gamers don’t need to waste their money on playing the exciting game as the game industry entirely offers it. 

When it comes to progress in apex legends games faster, users always go to earn in-game currencies more. With the help of in-game currencies, they can easily purchase every single item with hundreds of powerful weapons. Maintaining all currencies helps them to perform all works smoothly without facing any issue. Many ways are available from which they can earn all currencies, and also, they can go with apex legends hack.  Well, if you don’t know anything about in game currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. 

Kinds of currencies 

Mainly four types of currencies are used in apex legends game named as-

  •   Crafting Meals 
  •   Legend Tokens 
  •   Apex Coins 
  •   Crowns 

Each currency plays a vital role in the game besides has its benefits. 

Crafting Meals 

It is considered as one of the main currencies of apex legends game that help users a lot. From this currency, players can get cosmetics items such as legends, weapon skins, banners, trackers, and so on. The currency can be acquired through opening Apex Packs, apex legends hack, leveling up the character, or by the premium currency. As per the rarity, Crafting Meals are distributed from Apex Packs. So always try to collect more and more meals for changing cosmetics. 

Legend tokens 

This currency is considered as the second central and crucial currency of apex legends game that can be used to purchase different legends. In other words, it can be used to unlock recolors of powerful weapons, skins, and legends. The currency can be acquired through leveling up the character, collecting more battle XPs, or by completing more missions. 

Apex Coins 

It is considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks can be performed besides expensive items that can be purchased. It can be used to buy Apex Packs, featured skins, weapons, recolors, or legends on the store page. The currency can be earned through real cash besides by apex legends hack. However, sometimes, players need to use real money to get it in a more massive amount instantly. 


Crowns are a new kind of currency that is used on the Iron Crown event store. The currency can be only obtained by completing event challenges or by opening Apex Packs. Also, you can use apex legends hack for earning all kinds of currencies efficiently. 

Don’t forget to use each currency wisely on necessary items as it’s not an easy task to obtain them.

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